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Our top priority is being attentive and responsive, and we are committed to providing each and every tenant with the highest levels of service and support.



Scott L. Cravens, President
Debbie Cravens, Vice-President
Lauren Cravens, Secretary/Treasurer
Candace Guy, Office Manager
Danny Braziel, Maintenance Coordinator
Philip Baughman, Construction Coordinator

Affiliated Companies

Scott Investment Corp. is a Subchapter C Corporation organized under the laws of Oklahoma. Along with this organization, there are several other independent entities that have common ownership. However, these are separate legal entities and are operated and managed separately except for the explicit purpose of marketing the properties. These organizations are:

MSC Real Estate, LLC
Jim D. Scott Family Trust
Scott Family Properties, LLC
Macody Properties, LLC
Low Key Rentals, LLC
Scott Oil & Gas Properties

If you are reviewing properties on our site or have inquired about a particular property, please be aware that the property may not be owned by Scott Investment Corp.

This information is being provided strictly for the purposes of disclosure. Any contract, lease, or other legal or negotiating document will clearly state the entity of ownership for a specific property.



On January 17, 1973, Jim D. Scott founded Scott Investment Corporation.

After launching Orig-Equip, Inc., Jim grew the auto accessory company into a business of national recognition. Jim subsequently sold the company to Royal Industries after years of successful operation. In the sale, Jim retained ownership of Orig-Equip’s building under his newly formed company, “Scott Investment Corp.” Several years after the sale, Jim left Royal Industries management and began to focus his ambition on real estate investing and community leadership.

On the real estate side, Jim made additional acquisitions and completed a number of property developments. These ventures ranged from residential developments to industrial parks. One of his most famous projects during this early time was the construction of a locally-owned restaurant – “Molly Murphy’s.” Molly’s became a food and event destination, and even though it is no longer serving the public today, it remains in folklore with many Oklahomans.

On the community side, Jim was committed to public service in Oklahoma City. A resident his entire life, Jim cared passionately about the success of the city and its people. In 1974, Jim was appointed to the Oklahoma City Planning Commission where he served until 1980 when he was elected to the City Council. He served the City honestly and honorably as the Oklahoma City Ward 5 City Councilman from 1980 until 1992. Jim also provided service to a number of other civic and community organizations including the Oklahoma City Airport Trust, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, the South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and the Southwest Medical Center – just to name a few.

Jim’s passion for Oklahoma City and its people showed in his investment and civic participation. He believed strongly that the best way to improve the community is to continually reinvest in its progress.

Passion, service, integrity and partnership are the principles that Jim implemented when he started Scott Investment in 1973, and you will still find those principles guiding it today.